Results in 2020 exceed expectations


Dear Shareholders

We are pleased to present the first annual report for Ina Invest. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we have chosen only to produce a digital version – and to focus on the essentials.

Ina Invest’s first year: Positive performance in a dynamic market environment

2020 was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. The establishment of a new real estate company in this dynamic market environment was a challenge. However, it offers significant opportunities.

There is still strong demand for investments in sustainable real estate investments in key Swiss economic areas. Interest rates are low and the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) points to a recovery in industry. The slight increase in the debt ratio in Switzerland during the pandemic is, historically speaking, low compared with other countries.

The positive performance achieved by the portfolio shows that our investment strategy is correct. It envisages using 50% of the portfolio for residential investments and investing solely in urban areas. Thanks to a well-diversified portfolio, Ina Invest is also well equipped to cope with long-term effects on the commercial real estate sector and is very soundly positioned.

We will continue to align our attractive portfolio consistently with the future needs of the market and develop it accordingly. This will result in sustainable, high-quality spaces for people to live, work and spend time in at excellent locations. Ina Invest is therefore making it easier for different generations from a variety of social backgrounds to achieve an environmentally conscious coexistence.

Successful business performance: First acquisitions made, project developments on track

Within the Board of Directors, efficient working relationships have been established based on trust. The strategic partnership with Implenia has also proved its worth on numerous occasions already.

In the first few months, we announced a significantly successful acquisition in Geneva worth over CHF 50 million. Working together closely, Ina Invest and Implenia will transform an existing commercial property, generating existing rental income, into a forward-looking hybrid residential property at this site. In the near future, this will allow us to exploit the full potential of the location in the vicinity of Cornavin station.

Current project developments are on track: the Unterfeld development plan in Baar was accepted by a large majority of the electorate and the urban competition launched. The design plan for both projects in Onex has been approved and the next phase can start here.

Meanwhile, we have achieved a significant marketing success with the “Tender” complex at the Lokstadt site in Winterthur. Two-thirds of the 39 shell apartments have been reserved; the first sales were completed in December 2020. This means three of our projects are being executed, including the “Elefant” at the Lokstadt site and the hotel on the BaseLink site in Allschwil – both investment properties that were fully let before construction even started.

These benefits from acquisition, development, sales, letting and completion have already made a crucial contribution to the positive annual result in the first financial year. Finally, we concluded the first project financing with banks on attractive terms for ongoing developments. We shall make further acquisitions in 2021 in line with our business plan.

Outlook: Sustainability is part of our DNA and is firmly established in our day-to-day operations

For the current financial year, we expect the economy as a whole to recover. The world of work will increasingly grapple with new models and forms of work and collaboration.

This will have an impact on the future design of spaces to work, live and spend time. Looming structural change will increasingly demand hybrid neighbourhoods and buildings that adapt flexibly to changes in their users’ needs. This is why Ina Invest consistently puts people at the forefront.

We will also continue to work intensively on making our vision of the most sustainable Swiss real estate portfolio a reality. Focusing on the first GRESB benchmark analysis, we shall drive implementation of our sustainability strategy forward in 2021. In doing so, we see sustainability as not only an economic, environmental and social necessity but also as a driver of innovation and a key distinguishing feature of our portfolio: sustainability is part of our DNA and is firmly established in our day-to-day operations.

We would like to thank all our shareholders for their trust and our partners for their excellent cooperation.

26 February 2021

Stefan Mächler

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Marc Pointet


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