In accordance with SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd's Directive on Information relating to Corporate Governance of 20 June 2019, in force since 2 January 2020 (Directive on Corporate Governance, “DCG”), this chapter describes the main structural and organisational principles of the Ina Invest Holding Ltd (Ina Invest), to the extent that they directly or indirectly concern the interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders. Unless specified otherwise, the information is provided as of the balance sheet date (31 December 2020).

The structure and numbering of the chapter correspond to those of the Annex to the Corporate Governance Guideline. The information about compensation, shareholdings and loans is summarised in the Compensation Report. The principles and rules of Ina Invest's Corporate Governance are expressed in its organisational regulations. The Code of Conduct establishes the guidelines for the applicable business practices and proper conduct, which are binding on all Ina Invest Group employees.

The Articles of Association of 11 June 2020 applicable as of the balance sheet date of the reporting year (hereinafter "Articles of Association" or "AoA"), and the Organisational Regulations of 11 June 2020 applicable as of the balance sheet date of the reporting year (hereinafter "Ina Invest OR"), as well as the Code of Conduct, are available as following:



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