2021 characterised by growth, strategic acquisitions and increases in value


Dear Shareholders

We are delighted to present the annual report for Ina Invest’s first full financial year. In a nutshell: we exceeded the expectations that we set at the time of the IPO in summer 2020, and are proud of our achievements to date.

2021: accelerated growth, increases in value and strategic acquisitions

In a fast-paced market, Ina Invest rigorously implemented its business plan and strategy. Our strategy is just right, and we have proved that we can purchase, market and execute successfully. Thanks in no small part to our development and letting services, we can also report a significant increase in profits for the current reporting period. 

Bredella acquisition a game changer

In December 2021, Ina Invest and its investment partners signed a share purchase agreement to acquire CERES Group Holding Ltd and the Bredella development site in Pratteln, with Ina Invest becoming the majority shareholder. This hugely significant acquisition of real estate with a current market value of around CHF 300 million and an annual gross rental income of over CHF 8.6 million offers vast potential. The 2021 financial statements show that the value of Ina Invest’s portfolio rose to around CHF 700 million (before minority interests) following the successful completion on 21 January 2022. We now have one of the largest development portfolios in Switzerland. 

Over the next 20 years, the Bredella site in Pratteln will be transformed into a new urban district that we aim to enhance in partnership with authorities and users while conserving as much of its architectural fabric as possible. Bredella in Pratteln and the Lokstadt project in Winterthur are prime examples of Ina Invest’s strategy. They will provide homes for Switzerland’s soon-to-be 10 million inhabitants. We want to be a part of making that happen. 

Successfully realised ambitions

Work on developing our properties is progressing extremely well and is fully on schedule. We would particularly like to mention the Lokstadt Hallen in this regard, which were fully let in no time at all. With Switzerland's first Radisson RED hotel, the most modern casino and a kindergarten, we are creating an attractive, mixed-used development that will provide a long-term boost to the area. 

All of our projects that have reached the construction phase are on track. The design plan has already been drafted for the “Rocket” in Winterthur, the world’s tallest wooden residential building, and the architectural competition was wrapped up in January 2021. The topping-out ceremony has already been held for Tender and Elephant on the same site, and the BaseLink project in Allschwil is also on schedule.

We are particularly proud of the successful implementation of the sustainability strategy. In just the second year, our portfolio has already been recognised as the most sustainable in Western Europe. The GRESB Benchmark Assessment awarded Ina Invest 92 out of 100 points and five stars out of five, putting us at the top of our respective peer group. 

We also strengthened our Management Board by appointing Daniel Baumann as CFO from January 2022. Daniel boasts a wealth of knowledge of the real estate market, and played a significant role in Ina Invest’s spin-off and IPO. 

Equipped for the future with our hybrid real estate portfolio

The Board of Directors and Management Board continue to rate Ina Invest’s prospects on the market as promising. Structural change will continue to accelerate, and new ways of living and working are emerging. This is why we are creating sustainable, attractive and people-centric housing in prime urban locations. We ensure that our projects include at least 50% residential space, which brings generations together and fosters social cohesion. In short, we are maintaining and developing a sound, diversified portfolio so that we can create lasting added value for our shareholders and stakeholders. 

And even though we aim to keep on growing dynamically in future, our focus for 2022 will be on integrating the new structure of our portfolio in the way that’s best for business.

We would like to thank our shareholders for their trust in us, and our partners for their productive and effective cooperation. We look forward to enhancing Switzerland’s most sustainable real estate portfolio together.

28 February 2022

Stefan Mächler

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Marc Pointet

Chief Executive Officer

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