Trading blackout periods

Ina Invest has clear rules related to trading blackout periods. Fixed recurring trading blackout periods apply to everyone entrusted with financial reporting in connection with the preparation and publication of regular financial reports (annual and semi-annual reports). 

The information is provided by letter or by e-mail. The fixed trading blackout periods shall begin when the relevant figures become available internally, or on the balance sheet date by the latest, with the proviso that 15 December is considered to be the latest possible date in the case of the annual financial report. Each fixed trading blackout period shall end no sooner than 24 hours after the relevant publication.

Moreover, variable trading blackout periods are applicable to specific substantial corporate projects (such as restructuring or M&A transactions), which shall be announced to everyone involved in the specific project by letter or by e-mail. The variable trading blackout periods shall be applicable from notice of the project until the publication or express revocation. 

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