Half way through 2022: Impressive financial performance and significant portfolio growth 


Dear Shareholders

We are delighted to present our report on the first half of 2022. Ina Invest once again managed to outshine its business plan and exceed the expectations associated with it. We can look back on the last six months with pride and look ahead now with confidence.  

Excellent financial results 

Even with growing uncertainty on the market, Ina Invest has stuck resolutely to its strategy – to successful effect! The first six months of the 2022 financial year were characterised by an impressive financial performance. Thanks to rental income and profits from revaluations arising from operating performance, Ina Invest achieved a net profit of CHF 17 million in the latest reporting period, which is above both the previous year’s figure and the planned target. The general rise in building costs has already been taken into account in these valuations.  

Significant portfolio growth 

Right at the beginning of the year, Ina Invest successfully finalised its acquisition of the Bredella site in Pratteln in Baselland as planned. This was followed in March by the completed acquisition of a property on Rue du Grand-Pré in Geneva. With both of these new additions, Ina Invest is able to benefit from rental income from existing tenants during the development phase. Combined with the existing portfolio, the company now holds one of the largest and most promising development portfolios in Switzerland with a current market value of around CHF 820 million. Our properties are located in places that are set to undergo a complete transformation over the next 20 years. We are at the very forefront of the drive to provide an attractive living spaces for Switzerland’s soon-to-be 10 million inhabitants!  

Flagship projects on track 

We have also seen success with the development of our flagship projects: in the case of the “Rocket” project in Winterthur’s Lokstadt development, Ina Invest boasts what is planned to be the tallest wooden residential building in the world. The design by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects of Copenhagen and Cometti Truffer Hodel Architects of Lucerne triumphed in the contest to find the winning project. The innovative wooden structure, with façades encased in terracotta, has been developed by Implenia, ETH Zurich and the civil engineering firm WaltGalmarini specifically for high-rise buildings.  

We have been making progress in other areas too: since our last report, the jury has reached a decision on the second phase of the “Unterfeld” development in Baar. The new “Elefant” complex, which is already fully let, the Lokstadt-Hallen project in Winterthur, and the “BaseLink” scheme in Allschwil are all on track for completion this year – on schedule and on budget. Moreover, a building permit application has been submitted for the “Schaffhauserstrasse” project, which will involve building flexible urban flats for small households in an ideal location between Oerlikon and the University of Zurich’s Irchel campus.  

Sustainability as a driving force for growth and innovation 

Alongside the half-year figures, Ina Invest publishes its second Sustainability Report today. Sustainability is not simply a buzzword for us; it is an economic, environmental and social necessity. It is clear to us that we need to tackle this task together, combining everything from the personal dedication of our management team to the close involvement of our stakeholders. And this is what sets Ina Invest apart: you can rest assured that we are committed to genuinely sustainable financial and real estate investments. We want to see buildings and neighbourhoods make way for change, and for living, working and leisure spaces to come together just as different generations, cultures and income classes do. Ina Invest is therefore playing its own part in ensuring that people live together happily. Of course, we will also once again put ourselves under scrutiny in the GRESB Benchmark Assessment in the second half of the year – and we are aiming to achieve another top rating.  

Heading into the future with an agile setup  

Despite the current uncertainties, the Board of Directors and Management Board are looking ahead with confidence. The demand for well-located hybrid real estate in Switzerland remains stable, in keeping with the trends of the times. Ina Invest is maintaining a flexible and agile setup so that we can respond quickly to opportunities and challenges on the market. In the second half of 2022, we will be focusing on integrating the new additions to the portfolio in a way that is best for business and sticking to our business plan and strategy.  

We would like to thank our shareholders for their trust in us and our partners for their fruitful cooperation. We look forward to continuing to develop the most sustainable real estate portfolio in Switzerland. 

17 August 2022 

Stefan Mächler

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Marc Pointet


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