Key figures

Ina Invest has built on its success last year and has again exceeded its own expectations with the positive performance by the portfolio in the first half of 2021.

Financial figures  
Profit from leased property CHFT 4,818
Profit from sale of promotional property CHFT 468
Profit from change in fair value of investment property CHFT 10,684
Operating profit (EBIT) CHFT 12,017
Earnings CHFT 17,044
Total assets CHFT 841,623
Equity CHFT 417,324
Equity ratio % 49.59
Return on equity % 1 4.08
Figures – Shares  
Earnings per share (EPS) CHF 0.88
Equity per share (NAV) CHF 23.15
Equity per share (NAV) before deducting deferred tax CHF 27.56
Share price on reporting date CHF 19.00
Market capitalisation on reporting date CHFT 185,311


Investment properties Portfolio properties  
No. of commercial properties  7
Market value of investment property CHFT 422,407
Leasable space m2 152,609
Return on leased investment property CHFT 5,657
Vacancy rate for investment property % 12.7
Direct expenses for leased investment property CHFT 839
Gross return on investment property % 2.7


Investment properties under construction  
No. of investment properties  3
Market value of investment property CHFT 133,659
Planned leasable space m2 29,986
Estimated investment volume of investment property CHFT 101,800


Investment properties under development  
No. of investment properties under development 10
Market value of investment property under development CHFT 214,205
Planned leasable space (approx.) m2 124,446


Promotional properties  
Carrying amount of promotional property CHFT 19,994
Carrying amount of promotional property under construction CHFT 1,215


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