Positive results and acquisition target 2021 achieved


Dear Shareholders

We are delighted to share our results in the half-year report for 2021 – and they have exceeded our expectations once again.

Half way through 2021: Rental income, revaluations and successful marketing yield positive results 

Ina Invest can look back on a successful first half of 2021, and we continue to develop in line with our business plan. Sales in the Tender complex in Winterthur and the rental income from our properties in Geneva are major factors in these positive results; 80% of the apartments in Tender have already been sold or reserved to date. This shows that Ina Invest‘s offering meets the market's needs, and that we are on the right track with our real-estate developments. 

These solid pillars will allow Ina Invest to keep on growing and to enhance our attractive, fully diversified portfolio. We will continue to gradually implement our investment strategy, focusing on urban centres and committing at least 50% of our portfolio to residential properties: This enabled us to acquire and register an additional property with a current market value of over CHF 60 million, annual rental income of CHF 2 million and development potential. As a result, we have already exceeded our acquisition target for 2021 within the first six months of the year. The title will be transferred in the second half of the year; so the purchase does not appear in our financial reports for the first half. 

Agile structures retained: Current projects on track

Since its IPO in June 2020, Ina Invest has successfully positioned itself as an independent, innovative and relevant player in the Swiss real-estate industry. We continue to work hard on this, and aim to set new, sustainable standards. We apply and are guided by the “best owner” principle in every aspect of our operations – from acquisition through to execution – and will maintain a streamlined structure and an agile, cost-effective organisation. This also includes continuing our close cooperation with partners like Implenia in developing and delivering our projects. That way, we can act quickly and take advantage of opportunities. This has already proved its worth. 

Ongoing projects are progressing as planned. The real estate projects currently under way, Tender and Elefant in Winterthur as well as Baselink in Allschwil, are on schedule. The first stage of the urban competition for the site development on the Unterfeld in Baar, in which Ina Invest is involved with an innovative commercial building and a sustainable residential complex (stage 2), has been completed. 

The jury has made its decision for the Tivoli project in the west of Neuchâtel, with winning designs from Localarchitecture from Lausanne (construction site 2) and Lopez & Périnet-Marquet Architectes from Geneva (construction site 4). A vibrant urban neighbourhood for young and old will be created on the former industrial site, featuring apartments, spaces to work and areas for restaurants, bars and culture – fully in keeping with the spirit of Ina Invest and our focus on hybrid real estate.

Outlook: Further opportunities for acquisitions on the horizon

We aim to keep on growing, and are also reviewing several promising potential acquisitions for the second half of 2021 as standard. People are always at the heart of what we do: We create diverse neighbourhoods that meet tomorrow‘s needs, transform the communal use of buildings and lay the foundations for greater cross-social and intergenerational living. Our real estate, which is designed to meet the highest environmental standards, offers high-quality space to live, work and relax in while promoting environmentally conscious coexistence in Switzerland‘s urban centres. We are investing in a liveable, sustainable and inspirational future – a future that we are actively helping to shape.  

We would like to thank our shareholders for their trust in us, and look forward to continuing our shared journey towards becoming the most sustainable real estate portfolio in Switzerland.

13 August 2021

Stefan Mächler

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Marc Pointet


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