Annual report


Targets exceeded, strong portfolio growth, top sustainability ranking 


“It's fun being actively involved in this.”

CEO Marc Pointet and CFO Daniel Baumann look back on the key milestones of the 2022 financial year: Ina Invest stays on track, strongly expands the portfolio has seen strong growth and sets itself ambitious sustainability goals towards “net zero”.

Letter to the shareholders

Selected key figures

Even in a dynamic environment Ina Invest pressed ahead resolutely with its business plan in 2022 and enjoyed a strong financial year. 


million CHF


million CHF


million CHF
Result from change in fair value of investment properties


Total portfolio appreciation

Portfolio & real estate

Ina Invest continues to work on creating residential, work and living spaces geared to the needs of today’s and future generations. The development of the portfolio is on track. The two key projects, Bredella in Pratteln and Grand-Pré in Geneva, were successfully integrated. 

New forms of living and working are and will remain a megatrend for the industry, and Ina Invest’s strength in developing sustainable living spaces with the focus on people is well suited to this area. These spaces result in social mixing, generations coming together and consistently created added value for all stakeholders.

Portfolio mix by usable space

Portfolio mix by region

Focus on sustainability

We are in no doubt that real estate can only be profitable in the long term if it is consistently developed, executed, operated both during its life and at the end of it according to the requirements of current and future generations. To live up to this aspiration, we have firmly established sustainability in our work.

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