Annual report


Accelerated growth, increases in value and strategic acquisitions


“2021 was a game changer”

CEO Marc Pointet and CFO Daniel Baumann reflect on Ina Invest’s first full financial year: successfully realised ambitions, exceeded growth targets and hybrid real estate that puts people at the forefront.

Letter to the shareholders

Selected key figures

Our strategy is just right: Ina Invest has been a real success story ever since its IPO in summer 2020, and enjoyed a successful financial year in 2021.


million CHF
Operating profit (EBIT)


million CHF


million CHF
Result from change in fair value of investment properties


Total portfolio value growth1

Portfolio & real estate

Ina Invest’s goal is to maintain and continuously enhance the most sustainable real estate portfolio in Switzerland. Our Lokstadt and Bredella projects, located in Winterthur and Pratteln respectively, are prime examples of this strategy of working with investors, partners and users to design homes for Switzerland’s soon-to-be 10 million inhabitants. 

Ina Invest is responding to the accelerating rate of structural change with suitable hybrid and people-centric housing with at least 50% residential space in prime urban locations. In this way, Ina Invest is bringing generations together, supporting social cohesion and laying firm foundations for the future. 

Portfolio mix by usable space

Portfolio mix by region

Positive performance underscores the strategy's potentials

The value of our portfolio rose by CHF 69 million to CHF 435 million during the 2021 financial year. These successes in letting and sales demonstrate that Ina Invest’s offering fully meets current market requirements, as does our position at the top of our peer group in the GRESB sustainability ranking.  

To the portfolio

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